We hear about it all the time, the benefits of a healthy lifestyle but there are still many people who don’t follow a balanced diet and a regular exercise routine. But a healthy lifestyle also has a positive effect on fertility. So if you’re trying to have a baby then there are a few lifestyle changes you should consider.

– Eating green leafy vegetables that are high in folic acid is a good start. It is recommended that women start a course of folic acid supplements when they are trying to conceive and a few months before conception. Folic acid benefits the spinal development of the foetus and has health benefits for the mother.
– Smoking is very harmful for both men and women when it comes to fertility. Smoking can heavily increase the risk of infertility in both partners. Quitting smoking can give your reproductive organs a chance to return to a more healthy state and increase the chances of fertility.
– Drinking alcohol also plays a role. Alcohol can reduce the sperm count and motility for men and it can affect fertility in women. The stress of trying to get pregnant may tempt you to drink more alcohol. Rather find other ways that are healthier to reduce the stress such as meditation, yoga and light exercise, amongst others.
– Eating a good variety of fruits and vegetables will improve your vitamin intake which is quite important for the overall function of your body and hormones. Fruits and vegetables have positive health effects on fertility.
– When you are trying to get pregnant it is a good idea to check with your doctor whether any medication that you’re taking may affect your ability to conceive. Some over the counter medication could decrease your fertility so it’s best to talk to your doctor about your options.
– Environmental toxins can also play a role and this could include anything from air pollution to paint fumes. Infertility could be caused by these oxygen deprived fumes when you are exposed to it over a long and constant period of time. So even when you’re young and find yourself in this situation, you may want to use a mask if you work in such conditions.
– Do not use recreational drugs. Recreational drugs have numerous negative effects on the male and female body and it can be quite harmful to the baby. It is advisable to stop using recreational drugs completely if you want to improve your fertility.

Even after all your attempts to live a healthy lifestyle in order to improve your fertility and you find that you’re still unable to conceive, there are affordable fertility treatments available. If your fertility specialist gives you a set course of treatment it is still a good idea to maintain these healthy habits because you want to ensure the best possible outcome. And if you are able to improve your chances with these simple good habits, then why not do it? The final goal is a beautiful baby that will make all of this effort worth it.

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