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What To Look Out for Within a Year of Trying to Conceive

If you and your partner have been trying to conceive for a while, you may be wondering why you're not getting pregnant. Firstly, you are not alone - there are many women across the world experiencing the same thing as you. According to statistics, one in every six couples experiences fertility problems. There could be [...]

What To Look Out for Within a Year of Trying to Conceive2021-01-25T14:18:48+00:00

Causes of Infertility in Females

It does not feel good when a woman finds out that she is infertile, especially when she has been dreaming of carrying her own baby. There are solutions for it, you can either get fertility treatments done or you can get a surrogate. Whatever works for you, just know that you are not alone in [...]

Causes of Infertility in Females2020-07-07T14:53:05+00:00

Preparing for IVF

Are you and your partner planning on doing IVF? You both need to look after yourselves equally during this process; even during pregnancy. It might seem like a lot to do but once you get into a set and strict routine it will all become easier. You firstly need to take all the medication prescribed [...]

Preparing for IVF2020-04-24T11:37:42+00:00

Signs That You Might be Pregnant

Falling pregnant is such an amazing experience, falling pregnant with IVF can cause you to be very excited while waiting for it to kick in. Fertility comes with a lot of signs and symptoms in the beginning due to your body changing and adapting to being pregnant. The first and most common sign of pregnancy [...]

Signs That You Might be Pregnant2020-04-24T11:40:31+00:00

How Sperm Aspiration Helps With Fertility

Infertility is not only common with females but also males. Many males experience fertility issues for a vast number of reasons such as blockage, cancer treatments, infection and genetic disorders just to name a few. However, there are fertility treatments that are now available to assist men with having children successfully. Male fertility is possible [...]

How Sperm Aspiration Helps With Fertility2020-03-23T10:44:52+00:00

Benefits of Freezing Your Eggs

Let's face it, technology has changed drastically and with this comes change across the board including women having children. Women are no longer being conformed to having children early on in life. Some women are putting off having children because of careers or many other reasons. Not throwing the idea of having or starting a [...]

Benefits of Freezing Your Eggs2020-03-09T10:38:53+00:00

How a Man can Improve His Health While Trying to Conceive

Male infertility is just as common has female infertility. It is not anything to be embarrassed about. We need to all take care of ourselves regularly to ensure that our health is good. Good health can cause good fertility, because our health affects our fertility. Due to the lifestyle you live, it can affect your [...]

How a Man can Improve His Health While Trying to Conceive2020-02-05T10:06:05+00:00

Staying Healthy in Your First Trimester

Your first trimester (1-12 weeks) can be the most stressful stage in your pregnancy. This is the stage where your body needs to get used to the fact that someone is growing inside of it, so it will make all the necessary space and changes to accommodate the baby. Starting your health journey early in [...]

Staying Healthy in Your First Trimester2020-02-03T10:43:58+00:00

What Makes A Woman Infertile?

This is a question that many women who have problems conceiving ask themselves. There are a number of reasons why a woman may be infertile and, surprisingly, a lot of them are lifestyle based. In general you should live a healthy lifestyle in order for your reproductive system to function normally. Here a few possible [...]

What Makes A Woman Infertile?2019-01-15T11:06:41+00:00