Let’s face it, technology has changed drastically and with this comes change across the board including women having children. Women are no longer being conformed to having children early on in life. Some women are putting off having children because of careers or many other reasons. Not throwing the idea of having or starting a family out the window, but merely putting it on hold. This is where egg freezing becomes a suitable choice. Surprising enough there are more woman choosing this option more so now than before. The benefits of a woman freezing her eggs are limitless. As mentioned before being able to excel and thrive in her career of choice without interruption is normally the first benefit.

We all desire to meet the right person to have children with is also another important factor. So not feeling the need to rush into a relationship is another notable benefit. Women produce more eggs early in life oppose to in their 40’s, so being able to freeze their eggs normally gives them the satisfaction of knowing that they don’t have to worry about the diminishing eggs. Lastly by a woman freezing her eggs gives her the benefit of having a biological child of her own. To be honest egg freezing is becoming more popular as time goes on. There are many fertility treatments out there with one being IVF. IVF which stands for In Vitro Fertilisation is used in conjunction with sperm and medical procedures to help with conception. With the stimulation of the ovaries and extracting of mature eggs which are then fertilised by sperm the process begins.

If the cycle does not produce enough eggs the process is repeated until successful. Each person is different, and the initial stage can be a little much for some. The procedure can either be done at a doctor’s office or a fertility clinic. Although the process is a little lengthy and there is much to be considered the procedure is less invasive and well worth it when you think about it. Like with any medication or method there are side effects and risk. You may endure some bloating, mood swings, bruising from shot, bleeding and infection. However, these are somethings you can discuss with your doctor on your initial visit.

It’s safe to say that most women will agree with me that going through the process is worth every injection and doctor’s visit when you’re looking at the smiling face of your bundle of joy. If you do want children one day are scared of not being able to conceive then visit a fertility clinic near you to find out if you qualify to freeze your eggs. In most cases other fertility planning treatments will be recommended for you, this will be determined after a thorough check up from the doctor. Make use of the necessary technology available to you, Planned Parenthood is a popular thing in today’s day and age. Planned Parenthood also allows you to be more calm about your future, and also helps you and your partner to prepare properly.

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