It does not feel good when a woman finds out that she is infertile, especially when she has been dreaming of carrying her own baby. There are solutions for it, you can either get fertility treatments done or you can get a surrogate. Whatever works for you, just know that you are not alone in the infertility battle.

There are a lot of different causes for infertility in woman, one of the most common cause is hormone imbalance this can cause problems with ovulation. With this your periods will be imbalanced as well. A lot of women do not ovulate at all because of the low level of hormones produced in their bodies. In this case you need to see your gynaecologist to get advice on how you can regulate the whole process of ovulation.

Some women suffer from endometriosis. This is when the tissue lining in your uterus starts growing in other places, this then cause’s scar tissue to form. This can be treated so you will also need to your doctor for guidance. Other women have blockage in their fallopian tubes; this prevents the eggs from moving down into your uterus. This is very dangerous so you will need to see a specialist as soon as possible. In this case it will also prevent the sperm from getting to the egg in time for fertilisation to take place. You should make sure that everything is flowing equally and evenly to and from your fallopian tubes. It is good to check that everything is working like they should, because most women do fall pregnant but they then end up having and atopic pregnancy due to the embryo not moving down from the fallopian tube into the womb. Atopic pregnancies are very dangerous. It is a good idea to get your body checked out regularly to avoid any of these issues to get worse. Because sperm cannot survive for long inside the female body, the female body produces cervical mucus that helps the sperm to survive longer inside your body. Most of the times you can have abnormal cervical mucus, this then does not help keep the sperm alive longer.

If you are at an unhealthy body weight, either over weight or underweight, then it can also be difficult for you to fall pregnant. In this situation your body does not get enough nutrients, vitamins and activity that it needs; therefore it can be unable to carry a baby. Alcohol, smoking and drug abuse can also play a big role in infertility, so stay away from it at all times.

After 40 it is said to be a risky age to fall pregnant, your body starts to end the process of ovulation after this age. This is the stage where women start going into menopause, so it means that you do not ovulate anymore. Although this doesn’t happen to all women at the same time; a lot of women are still fertile till their mid-fifties. It all depends on the person and the way your body grows and changes.

LifeArt Fertility Clinic has partnered with several players in the medical industry to lower the costs involved in the IVF process. We make use of economies of scale and with the sharing of resources. So that we are able to offer a complete IVF cycle with ICSI (Intracytoplasmic sperm injection) at R24,000. Thus this makes fertility treatment more affordable to many more couples who desire to have a baby.

Several well conducted studies have proved that Low Cost IVF is both possible and feasible. Bodri et al conducted a study at the Yume clinic in Japan from 2008 to 2011. This study enrolled 727 patients, in what they called “mild IVF”. They showed an impressive crude cumulative live birth rate of 65%, 60% and 39% in women aged 26 to 34, 35 to 37 and 38 to 40 years, respectively.

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