Sperm washing is a process where the individual sperms are separated from the semen. The washed sperm term is used in artificial insemination. This process includes intrauterine insemination also called IUI and used in the IVF process.

This process also may be used to decrease the risk of HIV transmission by an HIV positive man, in which case the sperm that is washed is then injected into a female using one of a few artificial insemination techniques.

To have your sperm washed, you would need to donate your sperm and then have it sent to the laboratory.

The technique called swim up is the most commonly used technique. Sperms that are taken from a simple sperm wash (pre-washed pellet) are collected from a soft spin is then overlaid with another cultured medium a test tube in the laboratory. Approximately 1 hour later, the active sperm from said pellet then move to the clear medium, which then means the “healthy” sperms, move upwards. Later on, these healthy sperms are collected for even more treatment.

Another technique is called the density gradient technique which is when centrifugation separates sperm cells based on their actual density. By means of morphologically separation, normal sperm is separated from dead sperm. This process does go into more depth and a lot of “science” takes place by mean of separate test tubes and sperm being added and removed and then spun using centrifugation. Luckily, Life Art Fertility Clinic has all the experts who can assess each situation based on merit and make a well informed decision with the patient at an affordable cost.

No longer will you need to feel like you are less of a man due to a few bad sperm, there is always hope and that hope is sometimes all you need to keep pushing on.