In Vitro Fertilization or as it’s more commonly known IVF. What happens with IVF is a rather interesting process. An egg is removed from the woman’s ovaries and is then fertilized with the male’s sperm in a laboratory. The fertilized egg now becomes what’s known as an embryo. The embryo is now placed back into the women’s womb where it will grow and develop. One thing about IVF, is that it doesn’t have to be done using your partner’s sperm, it can be donated from another donor.

Of course most women want to know what sort of pain will be associated with the process of IVF. The good news is that the worry about the pain is in fact worse than the physical pain itself. Needles are used when performing this process however they are self-administered and rather thin needles at that. One thing to note is that when the ovaries become stimulated, they do become larger than they normally are, which in turn can create some bloating and discomfort but nothing that is too unbearable.

When the doctors do the retrieval of the egg, it is performed under slight moderate sedation. Some patients have reported slight soreness afterwards, however there is little to no pain during the actual procedure itself.

When deciding go to the route of IVF, one of the first steps that you will need to take is starting a course of fertility medications for a good couple of months which will help to produce several eggs that are mature and ready for the fertilization process.

IVF can be an emotionally difficult period for the woman having the IVF fertility treatment as well as her partner/husband. Depression is a sad reality that could also occur but if you continue to keep open lines of communication with your family and doctors then it can be treated accordingly.