Infertility is not only common with females but also males. Many males experience fertility issues for a vast number of reasons such as blockage, cancer treatments, infection and genetic disorders just to name a few. However, there are fertility treatments that are now available to assist men with having children successfully. Male fertility is possible with the assistance of sperm aspiration. Sperm aspiration is a procedure that is done by injecting a small needle in the testicle. The patient is under local anaesthesia during the procedure but of course. The normal time allotted for the procedure is normally around 10 minutes or so give or take.

However, if there are any issues found the procedure may take a few hours. Nevertheless, all hope is not lost. If for some reason this is the case the doctor will perform a biopsy of the testicles. If there are no issues the sperm is separated and can be used at that very moment or frozen to be used when the man is ready to proceed with the next steps. According to studies the procedure is not only effective in most cases but also safe with little to no side effects. To be honest I never knew this existed until stumbling upon this information when I was in search of possible male fertility options. I’m not sure how many people are aware of this option, but this is totally hopeful not only for the male but for the female as well.

Especially a couple whose desire is to become pregnant and the male is believed to be infertile. Studies have also shown that men who have undergone a vasectomy is also still able to still have children through a reversal vasectomy and male aspiration fertility treatment. Modern day technology has become hopeful for not only females with reproductive issues but also for men who have experienced issues as well. Now like with any procedure there is a cost. You may be wondering how much this procedure will cost you. The prices differ depending on what’s needed during treatment and what treatment you are doing.

This price range is also based on the difficulty of the treatment as well. There is no clear outline whether this treatment is covered by medical aid. It strictly depends on your state and insurance carrier. I would suggest checking with your medical aid before forking over any out of pocket expenses prior just to see if this is something that is covered. As mentioned before although there are very minimum side effects there are things to be aware of after the procedure. In most cases men are able to return back to work within 2 days in most cases. However, if your job includes manual labour or heavy lifting you’re looking at about being out of work for about 2 weeks. Heavy lifting or strenuous activity should be avoided and wearing a jock strap should be considered. At the end of the day I am happy to report that there are options with male fertility and fertility treatment is possible.

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