When we find out we are pregnant we think that going to the gym and working out is over. However, it is proven that going to the gym during pregnancy is also recommended. Staying healthy and keeping your muscles strong can help have a healthier and successful pregnancy and birthing experience. Many fertility specialists urge young mothers to go to the gym during pregnancy but to participate in a simpler, pregnancy friendly work out program.

One great place to get an easier work out while pregnant is in the swimming pool. Working out in the swimming pool helps reduce the wear and tear on your joints. Swimming while pregnant can help reduce other pregnancy symptoms as well. Often time’s nausea and back pain comes along with pregnancy. But by doing water workouts, you can help reduce these ailing side effects of this exciting time of life. However, as your pregnancy progresses are aware of your body. If your water breaks or you lose your mucous plug, it is best to stay out of public water and only use water during the labour and delivery process if you want to.

Simpler the Better

Many women don’t consider simple things like vacuuming your home as a ‘workout.’ However, as your pregnancy progresses, this small thing could be considered part of your daily workout. Fertility specialists recommend working out in a gym. If you are continuing to work out at a gym, adding walking in instead of weight lifting can help improve your cardio and will help you maintain muscles. Lifting heavy weights during pregnancy isn’t a good idea because it can result in miscarriage. However, simply walking on a treadmill or climbing stairs can help maintain muscle mass.

Stick with What You Know

If you are working out during pregnancy be sure to be pairing it with healthy eating, you will want to be sure that you are eating well to grow a strong baby. Eating enough fruits and vegetables can help you be more successful in birth and pregnancy. Along with that, stick with the work outs that you already know and have been doing. Pregnancy is not the time to start a heavy workout routine. So if you are looking into working out during pregnancy just continue and grow on the workout routine that you are already doing.

Pregnancy can be a magical time but it is hard to know what to do to increase your fertility. The easiest thing to do is just continue with what you know. Be sure that you are doing a workout routine that is what your body is used to. Also, consider doing simple work outs such as walking and swimming. Swimming can help you with other side effects of pregnancy as well. If you are looking at becoming pregnant, be sure to start your healthier lifestyle and workout routine sooner rather than later. Working out can help increase your fertility because you will have a healthier body. Workout regularly and eat healthier, to ensure hormone stability through out your body

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