Finding out that you are unable to fall pregnant can be devastating news, especially if it is something that you’ve wanted most of your life. Most of the time, this news is given to you by your family gynaecologist who may not be aware of new fertility treatments. If this is the case, it is advisable to get a second opinion from a fertility specialist who knows more about infertility.

It may seem doom and gloom at first, but the key is not to give up hope. Firstly, assess whether you have been trying to conceive for a year at least. Once you stop using contraceptive methods it is advisable to try to conceive for a year before assuming that there is something wrong. Contraceptives can take a few months to leave your system entirely, and depending on the type of contraceptives you were using there are different waiting periods. If after a year you’ve not been able to fall pregnant then seek a fertility specialist who can run fertility tests on both you and your partner. Remember it takes two to tango so both of you need to be tested in order for the fertility specialist to recommend the best way forward.

In certain cases infertility could be attributable to your lifestyle. In that case you need to make adjustments to your eating and living habits so that your body can restore to its natural fertile state. Lifestyle changes could include that you need to stop smoking, eat more fruit and vegetables, drink more water, cut out alcohol, avoid over the counter pills, exercising, or possibly weight loss. Your fertility specialist will assess your overall health and will, with brutal honesty, tell you what you need to change in order to improve your fertility.

If you’ve already made these lifestyle changes and pregnancy still does not happen, then it could be hormonal imbalances. Depending on which hormones your body is producing too much or too little of, the fertility specialist will be able to prescribe the correct hormone and dosage that is suitable to your situation.

If it is neither of the above two issues, then it could be a number of other internal problems related to your or your partner’s reproductive system. The fertility specialist will have to investigate this in much detail in order to give you a comprehensive assessment of what is wrong. Once the issue has been diagnosed, a solution can be recommended. There are a host of fertility treatments which include In Vitro Fertilisation ( IVF ), Assisted Reproductive Therapy, Sperm Washing, Ovulation Induction, In Vitro Maturation, amongst others.

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