For many people it doesn’t take much effort but for others it may be difficult to conceive baby. It may take a few weeks to a few months for a normal couple to fall pregnant however other couples do not have any success. If you do not conceive after a period of 12 months, it is advisable to seek the advice of a fertility doctor. You may need to undergo a series of tests to determine the reason for infertility.

In many situations the cause of infertility may be with the female (about 40 per cent of the time) while the other 40 per cent may be with the male. In 10 per cent of cases, the cause of infertility is with both the male and female while in the remaining 10 per cent it is unknown. To determine where the problem lies, a fertility specialist conducts a number of tests with both the male and female to find clues that will lead to the cause. The fertility specialist will also look at the medical histories of both the male and female. When it comes to the woman’s medical history the fertility specialist will consider any previous pregnancies, consistency of monthly periods, history of painful period pains, pelvic pain, history of infections and any surgeries. When it comes to the man’s medical history the fertility specialist will look at whether he has fathered any children, history of testicular injury, developmental problems, history of infections, exposure to harmful environmental factors and history of surgeries. Once all the information has been compiled and assessed a possible cause can be identified, then a treatment plan can be discussed.

The tests that a fertility specialist may perform include the following. The first test is a blood test to check the hormonal balance in your body as well as to check for the blood group, rubella, sperm antibodies, STD’s and HIV. An ultrasound examination will be performed to get information on what the ovaries and uterus looks like as well as the growth of eggs, thickness of the uterus lining, presence of fibroids or polyps on the uterus, ovarian cysts or endometriosis. Another test performed would be a semen analysis to check the number of sperm as well as how well they swim.

You may be unable to conceive due to a number of different reasons. If you’re not sure why you haven’t conceived a baby after a year, then it is recommended that you visit a fertility doctor.

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