Big Sistas’ (Non Profit Organisation) in conjunction with BIOART Fertility Clinic bring you the “The Gift of Motherhood Campaign”.

Big Sistas and Bioart Fertility Clinic will be launching on the 1st of May 2013 a
concept which was developed as a flagship project amongst the various women
empowerment initiatives which Bigsistas implement regularly as an organisation.
“The Gift of Motherhood Campaign” will run, through the various identified media
partners (i.e. Soweto TV, Destiny Connect, etc.), during the months of May and June 2013.

We have strategically selected the period of the campaign due to the fact that during
these two months we celebrate Mother’s day and Father’s day respectively. More
often than not, the emotionally painful side of those who yearn to experience parent-
hood and struggle with the challenges of infertility is simply neglected during this period.

Through our 2013 pilot of “The Gift of Motherhood Campaign”, we will be raising
funds through public participation whereby for example, groups of people (friends,
colleagues, relatives) can implement a “fine system” to collect donations from
individuals who complain about their children, as well as requesting donations from
individuals and corporate companies in order to assist three (3) campaign
beneficiaries as a starting point, to undergo fertility treatment at the BioArt
Fertility Centre who have agreed to partner with us in order to assist individuals who would otherwise not afford to obtain the expensive procedures such as IVF and make these available at below cost.

To make a donation: SMS “Mother” to 40770 (R20/ sms) OR

Deposits/ EFTs can be made into the following account:
Big Sistas, FNB,
Acc no: 62356166077,
Branch Code:253342

For enquiries, contact us on: or