Are you and your partner planning on doing IVF? You both need to look after yourselves equally during this process; even during pregnancy. It might seem like a lot to do but once you get into a set and strict routine it will all become easier.

You firstly need to take all the medication prescribed by your fertility doctor. This medication is very important because it helps to increase the production of your eggs. You need to follow strict instructions on how this medication needs to be taken; you can’t mix up the intake of it because it can in most cases not work. You should also not mix this medication with any other medication. The fertility team will also give you injections that you will need to take. These injections will need to be done daily or however the doctor says. They are hormone injections, so they help produce the necessary hormones to ensure a healthy fertility level in your body.

You will need to change your diet as well. A healthy diet is necessary when preparing for fertility and during fertility. Try your best to eat as much fresh foods as possible, stay away from processed foods. Processed foods may contain substances that can be harmful to your body; especially with all the medication you will be taking. Also avoid high in sugar foods; you can have a bit sugar now and then, but do not overdo it. Also try and eat less red meat for heart health benefits. You can also ask your fertility doctor to give you an eating plan for both you and your partner. This will then make it easier for you to know what you can and can’t include in your diet.

Avoid alcohol and smoking during the IVF process and during pregnancy. Because of all the medication you will be taking it won’t be good to take alcohol, alcohol and medication is not a healthy combination. It should be prevented during pregnancy as well; because it will affect the baby in a bad way, it will slow down the growth process of the foetus. It will also interrupt with the development of the baby, or it will affect the child in the long run, during their growth and development process.

Do lightweight endurance exercises. Picking up weights and heavy intense gym workouts can put a lot of strain on your body; this can affect the IVF process. When you do intense workouts then your body tenses up and then it does not always equally produce the necessary vitamins and hormones during that time; this can slow down the fertility process then. You need every hormone to produce equally and you need all the vitamins to run through your body properly. You also need to relax more and get enough sleep in. Your body needs to be well rested and calm to work properly.

Then once your eggs are ready; your partner needs to provide healthy sperm. Then the IVF process will start. You need to relax once the embryo is inside of you; in this way your body can prepare for pregnancy once it has accepted the embryo.

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