Falling pregnant is such an amazing experience, falling pregnant with IVF can cause you to be very excited while waiting for it to kick in. Fertility comes with a lot of signs and symptoms in the beginning due to your body changing and adapting to being pregnant.

The first and most common sign of pregnancy is when you miss your period. When you miss your period it most of the time means that you stopped ovulating, and that you may be pregnant. This reason mostly applies for when you are sexually active or if you going through a fertility treatment. You can also miss your period without being sexually active; this can normally just be your hormones that are irregular. Consult your doctor if you miss your period for more than 1 month and a pregnancy test comes back negative.

Another common sign is nausea and vomiting, this is referred to as morning sickness. A lot of women are very lucky; they have very little to no morning sickness. But for those who do get morning sickness just know that it doesn’t usually last the full 9 months. Most of the time you only get morning sickness for the first 3-4 months of your pregnancy.

Due to the pressure on your bladder cause of your womb moving into place and growing, it will cause you to go to the toilet a lot. When there is constant pressure on your bladder it pushes your urine down faster, so you will be running to the toilet more often than usual. You are also most likely to have a lot of gas, because there is now more food and drinks going into your body. So your body will now generate more gas than it usually will, and it might just stink a lot because of all the different craving foods you consuming.

Because of your body preparing to carry the baby, everything inside is moving around and making place for the growth of your womb. Back pains are most likely to occur; especially when the baby is growing and is putting pressure on your back, then you will feel the pain more intensely. Your breasts are also going to start growing, because it is creating breast milk. This then causes your breasts to feel tender and sore. Most ladies breasts don’t produce milk, but even then your breasts do become tender and they do grow as well. It is a normal reaction for your breasts to swell even though there is no milk, they usually swell when you on your period as well.

Your body’s temperature will rise during fertility because it acts as an oven for the baby to grow. The baby needs to grow in warm temperatures. This is why when the baby is born premature they put the baby into an incubator; the incubator is warm because it needs to help the baby grow further. You will also be very tired a lot because of the extra weight added onto your body, and because your body is now working for two people.

Fertility is such an amazing experience for every woman to go through. Embrace every moment of the changes in your body due to pregnancy!

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