Your first trimester (1-12 weeks) can be the most stressful stage in your pregnancy. This is the stage where your body needs to get used to the fact that someone is growing inside of it, so it will make all the necessary space and changes to accommodate the baby.

Starting your health journey early in your pregnancy is good because it gets you into a routine for the rest of your pregnancy, and also ensures that you have a good and memorable pregnancy. Fertility comes with a lot of responsibility; therefore you need to cater not only for yourself but for the baby as well. When the mother is healthy then the baby is more likely to be healthy as well.

During your first trimester you need to take the vitamins that the doctor prescribes for you, or you need to get those vitamins in the foods you eat. Vitamins keep your body’s immune system strong and also keep the baby strong, plus it makes the baby’s growing period more secure.

Before, during and after your pregnancy you need to drink a lot of water. Water should be the main part in your diet and your day. Your body needs to stay hydrated; therefore, it needs a lot of water. Water keeps your energy levels up and ensures that your body to keeps going for the whole day. Water also keeps your body cleaning the inside because it flushes and rinses out a lot of toxins.

When snacking during your first trimester it is good to eat citrus fruits, as well as a good amount of yoghurt. These foods have their own amount of vitamins in and they will also fill you up. A lot of snacks do not contain any vitamins or even make you full. Nuts are also a good snack to have during pregnancy. These foods will also ensure that you are energised and that the baby is well fed in the womb.

Because your body is changing and your belly is growing, you need to at all times make sure that your skin is in good health as well. When your belly grows the skin stretches and when your skin is not moisturised then it makes stretch marks as it grows. It is good to use tissue oil from the start of your pregnancy already, this keeps your skin hydrated and moisturised. You also need to wear comfortable clothes during your pregnancy, this allows your body to grow and change without any pressure put on it.

Keeping fit during your pregnancy is a very important factor; it helps keep your baby active and gives you enough energy during your pregnancy. Once you find out that you are pregnant it’s a good time to stop doing heavy gym activities. From your first trimester you should do more calming gym activities, you should do cardio to keep the blood flowing evenly throughout your body. If you want to do weight exercises you should then use light weights only, just to keep your muscles flexible and in shape. Always consult your doctor first.

Make sure to start a healthy diet and exercise routine even before fertility kicks in, in that way it is easier for to adapt to all the changes and health restrictions that comes with pregnancy. Enjoy your fertility journey!

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