If you’ve had trouble conceiving it is very important that you take good care of yourself during the pregnancy. It is best to be cautious rather than try to be brave because that is what society expects from the modern woman. There are more important things in this world than being subject to the expectations of society. Your health and pregnancy is more important.

During your pregnancy it is essential that you take it easy. You might be a busy professional and much is probably expected of you both at work and at home. But during this time you need to be humble and accept any help that you can get. Don’t fret too much about the dishes and the house work; allow your partner or family to help you.

Avoid heavy lifting and moving large objects. It is best not to lift anything heavier than five kilograms. Allow your partner or family members to assist you with the groceries or preparing the baby room. At work, ask for assistance wherever you can if it involves any kind of heavy lifting or dramatic movements.

Exercise whenever you can. Try to do light exercises or pregnancy yoga to help your body adapt to the changes as well as to keep blood and oxygen flowing throughout your body and to the baby. Exercise will also help to manage your weight gain as well as control water retention and swelling later in your pregnancy.

Try to avoid sitting in one position for a long period. If you have a desk job then it is advisable to get up every hour and take a brief walk around the office. This will assist with back aches and swelling of the feet. Your body needs to move and remain active throughout the day.

Drink plenty of water. Water is good for you and the baby. As strange as this may sound it also helps to control water retention. The more water you drink the less water retention you will experience. It is essential to remain hydrated.

Eat healthy foods such as fruit and vegetables so that you can get as much nutrition and vitamins as possible. The baby requires all the good nutrition that he or she can get. What you put into your body will affect your baby.

If you have undergone fertility treatments to get to this stage of pregnancy then it is essential that you take extra care of yourself and your baby. You will be grateful for it once the baby arrives.

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