Infertility is just as common in males as it is in females. It is not always your fault if you suffer from infertility; some causes are natural and can be treated. Other cases cannot be explained and might be difficult to treat.

The most common cause is low sperm count. This occurs when your body does not produce enough hormones that produce sperm; therefore your sperm count will be less than it needs to be. So in some cases not enough sperm will enter the female body to start the fertility process. Another thing can be that you have a problem with ejaculation. Your body may not be producing enough sperm for the ejaculation process; so this can cause you to only ejaculate a little, which might not be enough to start fertility. You can also have a problem with getting and erection, or with keeping your erection long enough. There are cases where you get and erection but then during intercourse the erection just ends; or there are days when you just cannot get and erection at all. With these causes it is good for you to see a male fertility doctor to help guide you on what to do next.

Just as women, men also get infections in their private areas. If you feel pain, swelling, inflammation or growths in your testicle area, then it can be an indication that you might have an infection. Another thing might be that you feel pain or a burning sensation when you pee. You will need to see a doctor right away when something like this occurs. Do not try and self-medicate in this case see a doctor immediately to get the right treatment for your situation.

In some situations your body does not produce enough male hormones; or your body produces little more female hormones than male hormones. If you have no facial or body hair during and after puberty then this might mean that your body is producing enough of the hormones needed. If you have abnormal breast growth and pains then this could mean that you have more female hormones producing in your body than male hormones. Every person has both Y and X chromosomes in their bodies. Sometimes men can have a little more X chromosomes than usual; this then causes the more female hormones to be produces in your body.

If you wear a lot of tight pants it can cause your sperm to not have enough space to move around, this also has an effect on your sperm count. Tight clothes can also create an overgrowth of heat in your testicle area; this is very unhealthy. Your testicles need enough space to breath in order for the production of sperm to occur properly in your body. Weight also has an effect on your fertility; you need to be at the right weight in order for your body to function like it should. Depression and stress can also have an effect on you, because your body does not get all the necessary vitamins and activities that it needs to keep you healthy.

Get to your nearest fertility clinic to find out how you can prevent all these things from either happening to you; or how to prevent them from getting worse.

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